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This Old Annville House – Brick Tile

Love the look of a brick floor but want an easier alternative?  Try brick tile.  I recently created a beautiful floor out of 4”x8”x 1/2” thick tile from Inglenook Tile Design. You can use this tile over stable existing concrete without the inconvenience of dealing with standard 2” bricks. Two or three sided brick tiles can be made to cap over concrete steps and a variety of personalized designs can be incorporated into the “bricks” to create a custom look. Using a special firing method, these tiles possess a rich spectrum of brown and earthy reds, and have the appearance of antique bricks. For grouting I used a colored cement, using a mixture of 3 sand to 1 cement. These tiles can be used in any room in the house and outside on patios, porches, steps and walkways.  To view these unique brick tiles go to



Brick Tile

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