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This Old Annville House – Doors: A Trade Secret

Many of us have one or two cranky old doors in our house that just won’t stay where they’re put; they either automatically slowly swing open or close shut when left ajar. To keep them in place you have to use a doorstop or some other toe-stubber to do the job. One simple, low-tech solution I have discovered fixes this annoyance 99% of the time. Take the pin out of the lower door hinge and lay it on a piece of wood or surface that will not crack or shatter. Pound it once with a hammer, or just enough to give it a slight curve. Then place it back in the hinge and pound it in. It should have a bit of resistance now that it is slightly curved instead of straight. This should be enough to keep the door stationary when left open. If it does not, take the pin out of the middle hinge and do the same procedure. Voila – the “door ghost” is gone!



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