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This Old Annville House – Dryer Vent Safety


Dryer vent safety can be a challenge, especially with older homes. Because of their construction it can be harder to run the vent hoses to the outside, so many people come up with creative, and not necessarily safe, solutions. Signs that you may have a dryer vent dilemma: does it take a long time for clothes to dry? Is there a lot of lint around the outside outlet?

During a recent remodel, I replaced my client’s long, flexible, corrugated dryer hose with 4” galvanized steel pipe. The hose was more than 50% clogged with lint inside the hose and outside around the outlet. This posed not only a fire hazard, it also slowed the dryer time and wasted energy. By replacing the long, inefficient flex hose with solid steel pipe connected to the dryer by a short piece of flex, I cut my client’s drying time by over 10 minutes, got rid of the hazardous lint build-up, and saved energy.



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