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This Old Annville House – Radiant Floor Heat

We’ve all had the toe-curling sensation of stepping on a cold bathroom floor on a chilly winter morning. Not the nicest way to start your day! Radiant floor heat is a great way to give your tile floor that toasty feeling and upgrade your bathroom.

I recently installed such a set-up for a client in their master bath. The WarmingSystems electric warming kit was ordered online ( and arrived in two days. It consisted of: thermostat, wire, aluminum tape and instructions. After measuring and laying out your floor area, spool out the thin wire. Zigzagging it back and forth, space it out about 3” apart and tape down with tape. Cover with Thinset and lay tile after drying. A separate circuit will need to be run. While all this is a relatively simple procedure, for best results I highly recommend letting a professional do the installation. Put an end to popsicle toes with radiant floor heat.



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