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This Old Annville House – A Cool Trick for a Hot Shower

Banish wasted hot water from your shower! Want to save water, energy and money on your monthly utility bills? Try a full or low flow eco-friendly showerhead especially designed to do just that. I’m talking about the “Evolve” showerhead, and it works like this: you turn on your shower, and when the water reaches 95 degrees the flow slows to a trickle. So, if you are brushing your teeth, not yet ready, or otherwise distracted the hot water waits for you! You then pull a pull chain attached to the showerhead and your shower resumes.  The “showerstart technology” knows when the water is hot and holds the flow until you are ready, conserving water and energy. This is for use only if you have to wait for hot water, not if you have an instant hot water system. Evolve’s “Roadrunner” showerhead and “Ladybug” adapter are two great options. For more info, go to .  I believe in going green. If you buy one of these devices, call me, and MC Carpentry will install it for you for free. 



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